This description is tentative.

Paper review

  • Students are expected to submit a short review of a research paper assigned as reading.

  • Submission is due one day before each lecture (midnight CST).

  • Use the review form, which is based on a conference review format.

  • Write a review as if you are in the program committee of a conference.

  • Upload your review to the Blackboard.

  • Student assigned to make a presentation on the paper is exempted from submitting the paper review.

  • Students will be evaluated on:
    • The quality of the writing (clarity but not necessarily the length)

    • How deeply they understand the paper

    • How constructive their review is
      • Don't just be negative, provide ideas to improve it.

      • A comparison with other related works is a plus

Paper presentation

  • Each student will be required to make presentations on 3 papers assigned to the class.

  • A presentation should be 30-40 minutes long (including Q&A).

  • Student with an assigned presentation must prepare detailed slides of the paper and upload the file to the Blackboard.

  • Asynchronous Option: Student with the Asynchronous Option must also upload the pre-recorded presentation video to MS Stream (in addition to the slides).

  • Submission of the slides (and video recording) is due one day before each lecture (midnight CST).

  • Failure to make an assigned presentation in the class or to upload a pre-recorded video before the class will result in an F grade (so please make sure to start preparing early).

  • Students will be evaluated on:
    • The clarity of the presentation

    • How deeply they understand the paper

    • How proactively they lead the discussion
      • Bring up the strengths and weaknesses of the paper that you think.

      • Bring up related works and compare if possible.