Software & Systems Security Seminar

Time and location


Week Date Topic(s) Facilitator(s) Paper(s)
1 1/29 - Chung Hwan Kim Organizational meeting
2 2/5 Kernel Debloating Chung Hwan Kim Temporal System Call Specialization for Attack Surface Reduction [Security 2020]
3 2/12 Trusted IoT Devices Deeprangshu Pal Dominance as a New Trusted Computing Primitive for the Internet of Things [S&P 2019]
4 2/19 - - Meeting canceled (weather closing)
5 2/26 Password Cracking John Patrick Bute Reasoning Analytically about Password-Cracking Software [S&P 2019]
6 3/5 Secure Federated Learning Ping-Keng Hsieh FLTrust: Byzantine-Robust Federated Learning via Trust Bootstrapping [NDSS 2021],
Local Model Poisoning Attacks to Byzantine-Robust Federated Learning [Security 2020]
7 3/12 Autonomous Vehicle Bugs Thomas Hill A Comprehensive Study of Autonomous Vehicle Bugs [ICSE 2020]
8 3/19 - - No meeting (spring break)
9 3/26 An Yu Liu
10 4/2 Vasuki Shankar
11 4/9 Li Wang
12 4/16 Yuchen Cai
13 4/23 Saif Mahmood
14 4/30 Chang Tu


The Spring 2021 offering of the Software & Systems Security Seminar will cover a variety of security topics, with an eye toward two goals.

  • Increase participants' familiarity with recent and important results in the areas of software and systems security research. Attendees will read and discuss papers from recent and imminent top-tier security conferences: e.g., IEEE S&P, USENIX Security, CCS, NDSS, and security-related systems and software engineering conferences, and so on. Attendees will typically discuss one paper each week. Papers will be selected for their relevance to participants' research or upcoming UTD visitors.

  • Be a venue for student presentations. Every student participating in the seminar will be required to lead at least one meeting during the semester. This may be a "formal" research presentation--ideally of a student's current work--or it may be an analysis of the research papers chosen for a seminar meeting.


To participate in the seminar, please get on the seminar mailing list. Use Sympa to subscribe to s3sem.

Potential Papers

Upcoming and recent conference proceedings are good sources of papers for discussion. Below are links to some relevant conference series.

Past Seminars