This description is tentative.

Project topic

  • Topic should be related to CPS/IoT security.

  • Your project may aim to
    • Address an open problem that existing work has not solved.
      • Recall the problems that the papers we read could not solve.

      • Try to find other open problems through web search.

    • Develop a new attack on CPS/IoT systems.

    • Or, develop an analysis tool that aims to find a new attack vector or vulnerabilities.


  • If your project is well developed, I will support you to turn it into a research paper. Once accepted (in a conference or workshop), expenses required for your travel to the conference (or workshop) and presentation will be supported.

  • If we both agreed that your research interests and potential are well aligned (with me), we may seek for potential funding sources for your Ph.D. program.


  • Talk: 5-10 min (but no evaluation).

  • Slides: 2 + 5 pages slides.
    • Slide 1: Title & name.

    • Slide 2: Your background and interests.

    • Slides 3-7: Proposal.

    • Around one minute for each slide.

    • Upload your slides to the Blackboard before the Sep 23 class meeting (2:30pm CST).

Project team

  • Find your teammate (team size should be 1-2).

  • Send the list of your team members by Sep 30 (

  • For a team of two, more achievement is expected than a team of one student.

Meetings with the instructor

  • Oct 6, 8: One slot per team (sign up).

Project proposal

  • Talk: 10 min presentation + 5 min Q&A.

  • For a team of two, each member should contribute to 5 min of the presentation.

  • Try to answer following questions.
    • Motivation
      • What problems are you going to tackle?

      • Why does it matter?

      • Who should care about?

    • Approach
      • Are there any past research on this problem?

      • What is your approach then?

      • How is your approach different from the past research?

    • Plan
      • What is your plan/timeline, given the course deadline?

    • Evaluation
      • How can you demonstrate your approach works as intended?

  • During presentation, your classmates will evaluate the proposal and plan.

  • Use the evaluation form.

  • Upload your proposal slides to the Blackboard before the Oct 14 class meeting (2:30pm CST).

  • Upload your evaluations on other teams to the Blackboard by Oct 18 midnight CST.

Demo & final presentation

  • 15-20 min presentation (including Q&A).

  • Final submission by Dec 13 midnight CST (strict): Write-up and code (w/ demo).

    • Report: No longer than 10 pages.

    • Code: Add README for the staff to explore.

    • Demo: screenshot or video (optional, append to the report).